Top 10 Tragic Stadium Disasters

Modern stadiums are the Coliseums of our time and have been witness to some of the greatest athletic and sports achievements. They have also, however, seen numerous tragedies within their walls and undoubtedly have the many ghosts of those tragedies interwoven into the framework of their structures. Here are just 10 of them. Featured image […]

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On the night after Christmas 1996, six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was beaten in the head, strangled, and possibly sexually assaulted. Her lifeless body was left on the basement floor of her home. Since JonBenet’s death, her family has been entangled in controversy. Depending on whom you believe, John and Patsy Ramsey are killers who […]

10 Famous Intersex Athletes

Intersex people in sports have generated huge controversy. In particular, those who compete as women are often seen as having an unfair advantage in strength, stamina, speed, or size. Frequently, these individuals have been publicly humiliated—described as “freaks” and “cheats” and subjected to physical examinations that violate their personal privacy and dignity. Their hard work […]

10 Fascinating Digressions Of Freudian Theory

Sigmund Freud is a contradictory figure. We honor him as an innovative genius and ridicule him without mercy for his many mistakes. Freud formulated his theory of psychoanalysis in the 1890s. However, as he developed it throughout his career, he often changed his mind or changed direction. The history of Freudian theory is full of […]

10 Fascinating Egyptian Structures That Aren’t Pyramids

Home to one of the world’s most famous civilizations, Egypt is a country filled to the brim with historical significance. However, when people explore ancient Egyptian history, they usually stop at the pyramids. But other remnants of the culture have survived, giving us new insight into how the ancient Egyptians lived. 10 Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple […]

10 Fascinating Proposed Tourist Traps

Tourism is a great source of income for every developed country. While we know all about the many tourist traps that ended up being built, most people haven’t heard of these crazy proposals. 10Michael Jackson’s Laser Robot In the mid-2000s, Michael Jackson was planning on a huge comeback by securing a residency in Las Vegas. […]

10 Popular Expat Countries To Stay Away From

Retiring to Costa Rica, making a killing in Hong Kong, hanging out with other anime nerds in Japan—the reasons for moving abroad are legion and frequently awesome. It’s estimated that 2.2 million to 6.8 million Americans are currently enjoying the expat lifestyle, and most of them probably wouldn’t have it any other way. But living […]