10 Hollywood Stars’ Curious Movie Debuts

With several award winners from film and TV, the actors and actresses on this list debuted in a variety of unlikely roles. Even though they were cast in parts that now seem so unlike them, they all became accomplished actors. Some have even achieved the status of movie icons. Here’s a look back at their […]

10 Surprising Things Once Banned From TV Broadcast

Television series, variety shows, cartoons, and even commercials censored or banned content that networks or advertisers deemed inappropriate for the audiences of the 1950s and 1960s (and, in one instance, the 1980s). At the time, such censorship, much of which was directed at sensuality, sexuality, bodily functions, and recreational drug use, may have seemed reasonable—to […]

Top 10 Adapted Films That Flopped Badly

An adapted film is one from the story line of a successful novel, comic, play, TV show, or even another movie. However, as we will soon find out, the success of the source material does not necessarily equate to the success of the adapted film. Also, the initial flop of an adaptation does not mean […]

Top 10 Casting Couch Victims Who Dared To Name Names

Many stars of both genders and all ages in Hollywood, Europe, India, China, and elsewhere have complained of being sexually harassed or even assaulted by big-name studio executives, producers, directors, or fellow actors. Often, the stars refuse demands to trade sex for movie roles, but on occasion, some succumb. Whether they do or not, most […]

Top 10 Real-Life Inspirations For Famous Cartoon Characters

Whether they’re bumbling, irascible, crotchety, irrepressible, sensual, obstreperous, or bombastic, we tend to love the larger-than-life cartoon characters that we grew up with, saw in reruns, or heard about from our elders. Although many of these beloved figures sprang fully formed from their creators’ imaginations, some were based on actual people. Others were inspired by […]

Top 10 Unofficial Sequels And Copycats Of Famous Movies

Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery. However, it is necessary to know where to draw the line between flattery and flagrant copyright infringement, especially among small movie studios that “imitate” successful blockbusters by “borrowing” their story lines, characters, and footage. In most cases, a small studio gives its film a title […]

10 Vintage Ads That Will Destroy Your Self-Esteem

It’s no secret that advertisers sell their products by offering a solution to a consumer’s problem—and in some cases, a problem they didn’t even know they had. For example, people didn’t worry about bad breath until Listerine created mouthwash. Yet, the Listerine-induced halitosis scare resulted in one of the most successful ad campaigns in history. […]